Performer and Educator

​​Noah Luft-Weissberg found his great grandfather's violin in the closet of his childhood home in Niskayuna New York when he was two years old, and it hasn't left his hands since.  He studied with Ann Posner at the age of three and went on to study with Paula Shaw in Schenectady NY as a teenager.  At the selective New York State Summer School for the Arts in Saratoga NY, he met the late William Depasquale, former concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and became his student through college and graduate school at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

Noah is an alumnus of the Empire State Youth Orchestra (ESYO), Festival Orchestral Sinfonica Juvenil dos Americas, and the National Repertory Orchestra.  He was certified to teach the Suzuki Method from the School For Strings in Manhattan.

An avid performer, Noah has regularly played with the following ensembles:
Schenectady Symphony Orchestra
Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra
Westchester Chamber Orchestra 
Astoria Symphony
Empire Chamber Orchestra
Richmond County Orchestra
Urban Playground Ensemble
Litha Orchestra
Queer Urban Orchestra
Experimental Orchestra
Midatlantic Opera Orchestra
Temple University's Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Opera Orchestra, Contemporary Ensemble.
Festival Orchestra Symphonica Juvenil dos Americas
National Repertory Orchestra in Breckenridge Colorado
Adagio Strings Quartet aboard the Holland America Line cruise ship MS Westerdam
New York Festival Orchestra
Irish Repertory Theater
54 Below

A highlight of Noah's orchestral career was a tour of Northern Italy where he performed at the Spoleto Festival.  Branching out of the classical realm, Noah formed the Union Gypsy Jazz Band, Sugar Hill Gypsy Jazz Band, and collaborated with singer-songwriter Nate Danker on his Americana-Indie album Texture.  He plays and composes fiddle music, klezmer, and hip hop tunes.

In 2012 Noah moved to New York City where he currently resides, teaches lessons, and freelances.  Currently Mr. Luft-Weissberg works for the Harmony Program and Noel Pointer Foundation, two organizations dedicated to providing music lessons to under serviced communities. He teaches Suzuki Method lessons to children at the Suzuki Start-up Program at School For Strings, and maintains a private teaching studio as well.  Noah also regualrly performs outreach concerts for homebound people in their apartments or group homes as a musician for Concerts In Motion, a NYC based non-profit.

Designing the perfect shoulder rest

The Equilibrio shoulder rest is made from an imprint of a violinist's own shoulder, and fabricated into a multilayered lightweight structure that lies perfectly onto the shoulder and allows freedom of movement during play.  Most people who have had their own rest made have thrown away all their other commercial shoulder rests.  The rest is a standard size and fits in nearly all violin cases.

Noah began a quest to improve his violin setup ten years ago.  What started as a search for chin rests led him to sculptor and fabricator Dr. David Mobley, and transformed into a search for a better shoulder rest.  Not satisfied with the standard devices offered on the market, Noah thought that customization would bring about the desirable outcome for himself.  Noting that every person is different in shape, size, and playing style, he felt there ought to be a way to make every player really comfortable.  Using resources available on the internet, Noah sought out classic and modern video recordings of master violinists; he studied their postures, sounds, control over their instruments, and listened to lectures they gave.  There was one element that stood out over all others -  master players were able to easily keep their violins still upon their shoulders with only their head, something that had not been easy or comfortable for Noah himself.  He could see that this led to improved bow and finger control, as hitting a still target is easier than a moving one.  Inspired by current violinists working on chin rests and other setups, Noah believed that a properly fitting setup was the most important aid to high level playing.  

Noah and Dr. Mobley developed the Equilibrio shoulder rest over a period of five years. Combining Noah's violin know-how, experience and skill with innovative fabrication methods invented by Dr, Mobley, they validated and refined initial results through testing with other experienced violinists. The result was the first practical individually customized shoulder rest. Now the Equilibrio shoulder rest is available to every violinist through a quick fitting session. 

For information on how to obtain an Equilibrio rest, please contact Noah!  

Photos by Mark Baker